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Find A Niche Market For Your Business

Find A Niche Market For Your New Business

You would of heard people talk about niche marketing and narrowing your focus to one particular ideal prospect. You may even be in a niche business already. To be honest it actually took me a long time to realise the importance and profitability of specialising and clearly defining a single target market to focus on in my business. Let me ... Read More »

How To Choose A Copywriter: Part 1

5 Things You Must Know Before Hiring A Copywriter- Part 1

Many small business owners get stuck when it comes to choosing a copywriter that will increase the response and profits in their marketing. How are you supposed to know who to select from all the options? What’s questions should I ask? How much is a fair price? There’s really very little reliable info out there. That’s why I’ve created a ... Read More »

How To Write A Small Business Elevator Pitch

How To Write The Perfect Elevator Pitch

Discover the 6 simple steps for creating a the perfect elevator pitch that will engage your customers in 30 seconds. When you perfect your elevator pitch, attracting customers, clients, joint venture and referral partners, and even quality staff becomes easy and fun. It becomes your secret weapon. Read More »

Best Practice Testimonial Examples That Boost Sales

Best Practice Testimonial Examples That Boost Sales

As a business owner you need to be using customer testimonials to increase the credibility of your marketing. Here we will dissect some great testimonial examples and highlight the elements you should be trying to incorporate into your testimonials. Get Testimonials From Customers Who Represent Your Target Demographic The great power of a testimonial is it’s social proof. Your prospects ... Read More »

Conversion Optimisation Using The Google URL Builder Tool

Conversion Optimisation Using The Google URL Builder Tool

The things you spend time on in your business are what will determine your financial success. It’s clear we all have the same amount of seconds in the day. The exact same time to create the life, business and financial success we want. So why do some entrepreneurs and businesses thrive and prosper while others are continually struggling to keep ... Read More »

Proven Online Marketing Strategy That’s Rarely Used

Online Marketing Strategy

How does your online marketing strategy take someone from having no idea about you or your business to a long-term, high value customer? That’s a real question. And by the end of this article I want a real answer. Yes I want you to explain in a few simple sentences how your online marketing strategy works Can you do it? ... Read More »

The Easy Way To Find Referral Partners

Find Referral Partners

The type of partnership we are looking at today comes under many names. Referral Partnerships Joint Ventures Affiliate Marketing Whatever you call it they all focus on leveraging the contacts, customers and prospects of businesses and marketers who can help you attract more business. Developing a strong list of good referral partners should be a high priority for all business ... Read More »

The First Step In Optimising Your Website Conversions

Optimising Website Conversions

As a business owner there’s really only one reason to build a website. Generate more leads…Or Generate more sales. A website is simply one of many marketing tools at your disposal. Though if you use it right it can become hugely profitable and highly automated giving you time and money to go out…And…Ah…LIVE YOUR LIFE. A successful website requires… Quality ... Read More »

How To Re-Activate Cold Leads With A One Sentence Email

Re-activate Cold Leads

Have you been in business for more than 6 months? If you’ve been doing any type of marketing then I’m guessing you have had many potential customers come through your business that haven’t bought from you. Today I want to share an email marketing strategy that I was taught by Dean Jackson of the “I love Marketing” Podcast. This strategy ... Read More »

How Often Should You Follow Up With Prospects        

How Often Should I follow Up With Prospects

Many of my clients become nervous about when and how often they should follow up with prospects. In this article you will learn to look at this question from a different perspective and discover much more suitable and profitable answer. Following Up With Leads So you’ve had a potential customer show some interest in your products or services. This could be ... Read More »